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It is no secret that women like lingerie. While men often like to see women wearing lingerie, women enjoy even more wearing lingerie. Good lingerie can make a woman feel sexy, no matter what she is wearing on the outside. Inside, she knows that she is wearing sexy lingerie and it gives her confidence. The feeling of sexy confidence is just one reason why women like lingerie.

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My partner usually enjoys watching me get dressed in the mornings. Recently, as I leaned over to pull a pair of underwear from the drawer, he asked if he could choose something. Of course, I was game. Until he rummaged through the very back and pulled out my most ridiculous and uncomfortable item. I shook my head, telling him to choose again.

And an even more hated item came out. Turns out my darling needed a little schooling on the seductive items in my sexy drawer.

You mean I can be naked and clothed at the same time? I love the way the smooth fabric slides over my body. I love how I can have it on while we get it on.

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And I love how it offers a quick coverup on my late-night trips to the kitchen brownies anyone? For when my silk robe is at the dry cleaners. Or when I absolutely must wear pants. These slippery boyshorts make my ass look great.

The cami clings to my nipples in all the right ways. Plus they are comfy.

Like all-day-Sunday-lounge comfy. This one is probably up for debate.

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But personally, I love a flattering lace thong. Ladies, you know the kind.

The ones that make a v shape in the front. After a while, they get soft and supple. Like your t-shirt that should have been thrown out last decade. But for my ass. Ohhhh the babydoll set. These are sexy and cuddly. I adore how they cover my tummy. And they make me feel sensual.

The timeless fishnets. I am a sucker for a tightly woven beige fishnet. But they also come with an unfortunate slutty connotation. Which makes me feel self-conscious. They were once used to hold up stockings. But now… they just leave lines under my pencil skirt. Overall, they look sexy in the bedroom.

But mostly they feel like something I wear for you rather than for myself. My first question: Does the crotch come undone? If it does not, WTF? If it does, those little snaps or hooks better not dig into me. The perfect bodysuit is a wonderful thing. On the plus side, corsets offer the perfect arena for sexy breath play. What are all these little ruffles for anyway? Panty lines? Feeling like a small child? No thank you.

I wore them once and now they sit at the back of my drawer. They are the only thing keeping me from going completely commando on laundry day. Other than the fact that still I have to pull down my undies when I use the toilet. The dreaded g-string. Some women love them. Which limb goes where? Is that a run in this dumb nylon fabric? And whyyyy do men love crotchless things so much? On the plus side, this full-body lace shit covers all my flaws.

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Unlucky Do you even know what it takes to put on a full leather bodysuit? Baby powder. And taking it off? Imagine trying to force yourself into wet skinny jeans. Then times that effort by So, dear kind gents — the next time you want to pick out my underwear, please consider what is sexy AND what is comfortable.

Also, appreciate me more when I wear items I hate. Just a lost something, floating through the possibilities.

Ranking the sexy items in my underwear drawer

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The Satin PJs For when my silk robe is at the dry cleaners. The Lace Thongs This one is probably up for debate. The Babydoll Set Ohhhh the babydoll set. The Fishnet Tights The timeless fishnets. The Bodysuits My first question: Does the crotch come undone? The Ruffled Bikini What are all these little ruffles for anyway?

The Crotchless Underwear I wore them once and now they sit at the back of my drawer. The G-string The dreaded g-string. The Body Stockings Which limb goes where? The Leather Catsuit Unlucky Sexuality Sex Satire Feminism Fashion. Sex and Satire. Written by r.

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