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The reality is far different. In a study of televised sports newsongoing sincethree LA-based stations dedicated, on average, 3. There are also s of change, thanks in part to vocal critics, social media, and a rash of sports media startups eager to build bigger audiences. And I think her actions have worked. One of her targets on social media: The Athletic.

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Picture Supplied by Action Images. This fall, The Athletic held organizational meetings to discuss its approach to content in and beyond.

As a sports journalist for more than 20 years, I covered one of the most thrilling college basketball games of all-time No. Because sometimes the dearth of coverage is about economics more than anything else. They include a shrinking sports staff, fewer print s, and a focus on digital subscriptions.

The paper believes it can survive by increasing digital subscriptions from its currenttoTo do that, the Globe sports section has concentrated almost exclusively on what drives digital subscriptions. We want people in California to get subscriptions to read about the Red Sox. What falls by the wayside? College sports have fallen by the wayside for us, too. For new Globe sports editor Matt Pepin, the decision tree looks the same. Still, among legacy news organizations, the Star Tribune and Seattle Times are outliers. Courier-Journal on Oct. And what they should be doing more.

What matters most is that the story lines get followed day-to-day or game-to-game. The Star Tribune and its Lynx coverage offer a model of consistency. Even with a budget that limits travel during the pre- and regular season, Cash and Lynx beat writer Kent Youngblood have made sure Lynx road games get covered either by stringers or game stories compiled by copy desk editors.

The demand has been ificant enough that, before Cash left for Louisville, she constantly thought about ways to offer more coverage from podcasts to newsletters to analytics packages. Sports fandom, the kind that le to website traffic, higher ratings, and newspaper subscriptions, is about more than coverage of a tournament or big race or championship game. So much of fan culture relies on getting to know athletes and building anticipatory excitement, understanding strategy, knowing statistics, and arguing about contracts, trades, and lineup changes.

All of that takes consistent, day-in and day-out coverage that makes an audience hungry for more.

The 15 rules of sports media representation of female athletes

The editors began thinking about Junko Tabei, the first woman to summit Everest. Since then, the chronicles have profiled seamstress-turned-champion-cyclist Tillie Andersonwho raced during the Victorian era, and swimmer Gertrude Ederlewho became the first woman to cross the English Channel in and reached the other side two hours faster than all the men before her. Outside aims to publish two online stories per month under the Badass banner.

And there are plenty more lesser-known stories waiting to be discovered, plenty more female pioneers from the past and elite female athletes from today with unique histories that deserve more attention.

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Men far out women in sports media. More effort needs to be invested in finding, hiring, and developing talented women because when women create content the conversation around sports changes in unexpected ways. See Navas and Mirhashem.

She observed that women finished at higher rates than men in terrible conditions, including freezing temperatures, rain, and mile-per-hour headwinds. So, I think you need more women in the space seeing the ways women Any hwp athletic girls. Having women in brainstorming and decision-making positions makes an undeniable difference when it comes to finding and prioritizing more diverse and more inclusive narratives.

When women create content, the conversation around sports changes in unexpected ways. It matters tremendously because you will notice and you will tease out different ideas and you will amplify different voices and open the door for different people. It has boasted four women covering the four major Washington, D. That represents progress and gender bias at the same time. If they do, it could establish new paths for career advancement and set more ificant changes in motion.

The of unique monthly visitors to espnW ranges from three to five million, though you often have to scroll way down the ESPN home to find espnW — branded content. The long-form piece on Nepalese golfer Pratima Sherpa originated on espnW, then it was broadcast as part of the SportsCenter Featured documentary series. Stories travel in the reverse direction, too. Lynx coach and general manager Cheryl Reeve wants reporters to dive into the complexities of the WNBA and be critical.

You have to know the upcoming opponent. You have to understand matchups. You have to understand how we play.

Take statistics. They put players in historical context. They encourage the kind of debate that fuels sports passion.

They also reveal the trends and anomalies that inspire a diverse array of stories. The more statistics available, the more knowledgeable reporters and fans become.

Women’s sports in the u.s. receive only 4 percent of sports media coverage. why it’s time for that to change

The more knowledgeable, the more engaged. Better quality coverage would look a lot like the coverage male athletes get. I contribute to the program and, during story meetings, have seen this in action. The initial conversation about pitches is gender-blind, not gender-driven.

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Sometimes that le to an entire show filled with stories about women. Sometimes athletes tell their own stories without narration. When you let people describe their own lives, gender might be an important factor to them or it might not be.

But hearing Hardy describe her life story makes it feel different and more intimate.

This is your life. So, you can see the problem with describing the natural maturation of the female body, one that often involves filling out and gaining weight, as a cruel twist.

The 15 rules of sports media representation of female athletes

Take EqualizerSoccer. Demand for more Lynx coverage prompted The Athletic to as two writers to cover the team.

Subscribers also wanted more stories on the U. Now, the site has two writers focusing on that team for the soccer vertical. At the moment, it might be hard to imagine a feminist podcast moving from its niche with nearly 3, weekly downlo to a larger audience. But after the U. Overall, the roughly hour-long episodes are entertaining, thought-provoking, and potentially disruptive. But I am and I do. It takes all kinds of outlets, platforms, and advocates to improve coverage…above all, it takes a certain kind of journalistic courage and commitment.

Maybe it will look a lot like October 17 when four of the top 10 stories on the Associated Press sports app featured women in sports. Given its global reach and its business model, the AP and its stories exert more influence in the sports media world than a big city paper covering a successful WNBA team. Still, it takes all kinds of outlets, all kinds of platforms, all kinds of advocates to improve coverage. Above all, it takes a certain kind of journalistic courage and commitment. Nieman Foundation at Harvard.

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