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My two cents on how the unions can leverage this situation to force GOB to implement some meaningful reforms that might help prevent a future financial crisis from happening again. Seemingly without warning the Ministry of Education has announced that schools will re-open for face to face learning on April But is this really just a move by GOB to prepare for a battle with teachers over proposed salary cuts?

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You may think you spend a lot on flowers or chocolate, but losing money in a romance scam would cost you even more. What do we mean by romance scams?

Usually they want the money by wire transfer or gift card. They might claim they need it for a medical emergency or to come visit you. Romance scammers are hard at work wooing people on dating apps and social media. They may lift photos to create an attractive profile or even steal the identity of a real person.

For more information, read Online Dating Scams or watch this video:. Just playing Words with Friends, this guy starts a conversation. I was suspicious right away. After a bit he says he is a widower with 3. He messed up big.

Next he says he has 2 kids, just barely making it. I told him he was a moron. For a while, i was getting a of messages via social media. Most of them claimed to be men in the military or doctors working abroad. It's crazy the lengths people go to scam others. I even had someone request an iTunes gift card so their sick daughter could sell it to go to the hospital. Especially those International ones. I met one on tagged from Cyprus, Turkey. He was white man first then after 8 months I found out he was an African.

Be careful of all those dating Apps.

When I found out he was an African I still talk to him because he shows like he was loving and caring but he was a real scammer. He scam me for 3 yrs but I have learned my lessons.

Hes Still scamming women in the USA so you all be careful. Hes not bad looking, speak with a soft voice and only call u baby. Easily get mad and always want large sum of money.

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He cries at all times and said he have High Blood Pressure. I start curse him out when I really realized that hes nothing but a scammer to supply him self and his families.

I was gathering so much evidence on him and he don't know all what I found out. So please be careful of these International romance scammers. Hi your story sounds very similar to mine and the person is also from Cyprus but sounds like an African man. Do you mind ing me to compare evidence? Has any of you heard of a James erkan, whose deployed in iraq? He did sent me pics of him at home and of his dog and son. He only asked for money once, he knows I'm broke but we keep talking. Real or fake?

I got same pics! This guy contacted me first on fitbit app and then on WhatsApp. Goes by Mark W now. Orthopedic Surgeon in Yemen with 16 year old girl in Africa boarding school contacted me on Facebook then whatsapp then google Hangouts.

Went by Walter Anthony from Texas. I confronted him about this and he couldn't answer or wouldn't. Blocked him. Soo glad I saw these.

Can I send you his pictures? I have a lot of his. Please post pics. I am not registered on here. I dont know if you need to register. Wondering if you could share pic of orthopedic surgeon from Yemen I been talking to guy for a month he lived in TX as but now lives in NY with daughter once hus vontract is over in Syria. I met a guy too saying he is a doctor. Wanna exchange pics of this guy.

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He is white but sounds African lol. Same here! He has a daughter who's underage. He's lost his wife one year ago and is so lonely. Now he asks my help, he wants to send me huge amount of money because he can't keep it there in baghdad. This guy I've been talking to says he's a widow with a 6-year-old son, and lost the wife and child during childbirth.

I meet a person he says was orthopedic Dr. Widow with a girl 13 year old. First he ask me for a Google gift card I say not. Than yesterday he told me that his daughter felt from stairs and broke her neck need help for surgery. I have some photos he took from labs, but I believe he is using other people photos.

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Says he has an 11? Frank James, orthopedic surgeon working in Afghanistan, leaving in December. Asked me to purchase steam or apple cards. Says he is from NY, widowed and has a 11 year old son named Charles. I hate being scammed and I want my money back.

I'm with you about getting him arrested. I started to online date with a Dr. Surgeon in Yemen who is under contract who is also widow has a 15 years old. He asked me for my mailing address to send me his valuable things.

Hi, could you please share his photo. He sounds like the same Guy, my moms been talking to. From USA, But currently staying in yemen - sanaa. He spoke with my mom for a month. He wanted to visit India to marry my mom.

Then asked us are addresse to send his belongings. Later He wanted her to pay for some valuable belongings that he sent via Cargo.

Please share his photoss. Thanks would help a lottt. I happen to have met the same person, he says he is an orthopedic military surgon from the US and based in Yemen. He is an orphan his wife died and has a 15 year old daughter alone in the US because she has no relatives. He is a man of faith I would be interested in his picture seems to be the same guy.

Me too! Orthopedic surgeon in lebanon, wants to marry after three days!!

How stupid does he think I am? Would love to share picture He texted me every day for 3 weeks, and confessed deep feelings which made me suspicious of him. After 2 weeks of texting, he said his son was hospitalised and his bank is blocked.

He asked me to loan him SEK but I said no firmly. He continued messaging me and said he solved the matter. After few days, he said his camp in Yemen will be attacked soon. And he wants to send me his belongings via courier.