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She learned from the best business minds in the country. Chief executive officers. Business owners.

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She learned from the best business minds in the country. Chief executive officers.

Business owners. The rich and famous.

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And not at any snobby East Coast business school. We're talking up close and personal. Whispered in the ear, in some cases. Surprise would better describe the reaction by the Republicans when they found out how Leanddo came to know so much about business. Fifteen years as the most famous brothel madam in San Francisco.

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Forti said hundreds of people get the award every year. It has to do with contributing to Republican causes, or Republican candidates. There are no background checks. In any case, Forti said, Baldwin's past shouldn't matter. Baldwin has been a legitimate business owner for over 20 years," he said.

Lactating escorts in san leandro

She has a grown daughter, a grandson in middle school, and is very, very proud. Her hair is long and brown, her eyes sparkle mischievously. She laughs -- a lot -- and smokes -- a lot.

Lactating escorts in san leandro

She wears black leather pants and tennis shoes on the day she is interviewed. She lives with two roommates, whom she mother-hens. On the walls are photos of her grandson and business plaques. She has two computers in her dining room and several file cabinets.

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She runs her business out of her house. It started in There she was, in her early 40s. No employable skills. In and out of jail. On the verge of being put away as a habitual offender if she went back to pandering. Someone mentioned direct-mail advertising to her, and how the Val Pak mailers in San Francisco were doing great business.

Lactating escorts in san leandro

She pounded the pavement, door to door, looking for clients. The work was slow.

Lactating escorts in san leandro

She plodded, but she knew she could make it work. She had always made it work. Little by little, business grew. The client list got fatter, as did the mailers she called "Ad Pak" that went to homes in Marin County. She hired salespeople.

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She worked with printers and graphic artists and the bulk-mail department at the post office. The trick was to use what you got.

She learned that in the Pacific Heights brothel many years earlier. I'm much happier now.

She grew up riding horses and pitching softball. Her parents divorced when she was young, and her mother remarried twice.

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Her second stepfather molested her for years, she said, though he was never able to penetrate her. Her athlete's muscles, she said. She married a barber right out of high school.

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Life was good until she got pregnant and he forced her to have an abortion, she says. She hated him after that, and soon divorced him. Baldwin met her second husband, Russel Rasmuslactatinf thereafter. Rasmus was as exciting as the barber had been dull.

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He was a professional boat racer. She got pregnant again. The birth was difficult. The baby had turned inside her and labor lasted forever. He took her to a San Francisco whorehouse and told her to work off lacatting debt. It was That started her life in the business.

Lactating escorts in san leandro

The interesting thing is, Baldwin didn't like sex. And even as a brothel madam, she seldom had sex. She considered herself frigid, and still does. The brothel was a hotel in downtown San Francisco.

The doorman pimped the girls. Baldwin hated having sex with strange men.

How a former madam learned the tricks of running a legit business

Most of the time, she would ask them why they were there. She would show them her lactating breasts and ask if they really wanted to have sex with a woman who'd just given birth.

Lactating escorts in san leandro

A lot of them took pity on the young mother, gave her money and gifts, and just sat and talked. Top Picks In Shopping.