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On the way of Friuli "yellow villages": the use of a calcareous -dolomitic sandstone in the surroundings of the quarrying area through the centuries. The role of local stone building material in cultural and technological heritage is based on the definition of the area of use, as related to ancient transportation networks, allowing the movement of heavy blocks from the quarries to the building sites. It is the case of the result of several surveys carried out for the detection of the architectural elements, dating from Middle Age to 20th century, made of a yellowish calcareous -dolomitic sandstone, which have been found, hidden among renovated buildings and new construction, in Friuli region NE Italy. Starting from the definition of the quarrying area, the contribution give notice of such architectural elements frames, columns, …both in vernacular architecture and in relevant buildings, putting in evidence the period of their realisation and their technological features.

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