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Forgot your password? By Erik13April 30, in Bisexual Swingers. Question for couples with straight guys We have had an offer, but turned it down because I would not be comfortable with a bi guy in the mix. We would and we have.

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Forum Rules. Member. Remember Me? Thread: Male Bisexual Swingers. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Nov 30,AM 1. Male Bisexual Swingers How prevalent are male bisexuals in the swinging community today? When we were active swingers from the late 70s to early 90s male bisexuality was almost non-existent. Almost all the women would openly have sex with each other but the men never did, at least within the groups we associated with.

So I'm asking those of you who are active swingers today, have these attitudes changed? Is male bisexuality more acceptable today for those in the swinging community? Reply With Quote. Nov 30,AM 2.

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Re: Male Bisexual Swingers From our experience there are quite a few bi males out there that are looking to play with couples. The problem is that most are still afraid to list themselves as bi for fear of being excluded by couples where the male is not bi.

We are members of three different swinger personal sites where we list ourselves as a bisexual couple. We get contacted almost daily by at least one male wishing to play with both of us.

However, when we view their profiles, they post their status as "straight". The of couples that advertise themselves as "bisexual couples" is still very few. Nov 30,AM 3.

Re: Male Bisexual Swingers You found one here! Only recently my wife and I have attended a swingers club. The first time we met another couple and the first words out of his lips were "I don't do any male on male contact.

We went to a Halloween swingers party!! What a blast.

We met another couple upstairs in the main 'orgy' room. After a bit we retired to a smaller room and the fun began. Imagine my surprise when I reached over and helped his wife jerk him off. I asked if this was okay and he said yes. It was like winning the lottery. I also blew him for a few minutes. We exchanged phone s but they never called and my wife never brought it up. I don't know if they are waiting for us to call. My wife said she liked his wife and I had hoped this could be the couple we've been seeking for over two years. So now I feel like I'm back to square one.

My bisexual frustrations are getting worse and more and more I entertain the thought of finding another male to satisfy my cravings. Internet porn provides minimal satisfaction. But to answer your original question I have not seen any other male bisexuality in the two times we've gone to the club.

Nov 30,AM 4. I did see F F sex occaisionaly but never saw M M The gals openly sucked cock and us guy's loved to eat pussy. I'll never forget the time three young girls They looked too young to get in but the got on the mattresses in the cloud 9 room.

Almost right next to us. The procceded to lick each others pussies til the all had orgasms, took about an hour.

The wife and I just watched and fucked. I came 7 times that night.

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Nov 30,AM 5. Re: Male Bisexual Swingers it is very hard Nov 30,AM 6. Re: Male Bisexual Swingers My first wife was bi, also with your wife's opinion. She felt that it was "natural" for women to be attracted to each other and to interact sexually. Girls are pretty, shapely and built for love.

Men, however, who are NOT pretty, have no breasts, or smooth shapely bodies Well, I loved her and she was everything to me for a long time. She never did know the extent of my own bisexuality, as I kept it hidden and never did stray. I don't tell everyone, even now, that I have loved a few men, but I do tell any prospective lover that it has happened and could again.

Nov 30,AM 7. Re: Male Bisexual Swingers Being a single Bi male, who is also white, I am apparently the scourge of the universe, not wanted by anyone and get all the blame. Gee, thanks. Nov 30,PM 8. Re: Male Bisexual Swingers I am a bisexual male in a loving marriage, and we swing primarily for the bisexual play.

We have not found many bi males in the lifestyle, but, we have found a local group that accepts all bisexual play, so we have somewhere to go and express ourselves. We do come across a lot of single bi males, and when we are in the mood for a MMF, it is not too difficult to find one.

We love being bi, how about you? Want to show us? Nov 30,PM 9. Re: Male Bisexual Swingers. Originally Posted by JustaguyIndy.

Being a single Bi male, who is also white, I am apparently the scourge of the universe, not wanted by anyone and get all the blame. Nov 30,PM Re: Male Bisexual Swingers There's always a catch Re: Male Bisexual Swingers Speaking as a Lifestyler, bi men are vastly more accepted than they were a few years ago.

They dont have the stigma that they Used to have and are accepted in many of the Swingers groups.

Male bisexual swingers

Just depends on what group and where you are. I'm tryin' my best to leave a loving foot print on the hearts of the folks who's lives I touch. Robert A. Re: Male Bisexual Swingers We lived as a triad together for almost 4 years.

I was the third. We lived together, slept together and bought a house together.

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Now as a couple we're seeking that real bi guy. We gave up the swingers sites. This is the only site we're on now. We've had a few partners over the last 4 years and enjoyed them. Personally, I think that a monogamous triad is close to impossible.

We tried "poly fidelity" and ended up inviting some extra guys and couples to us. We've been to some swingers clubs and it can be tricky. It got to be too much hassle. Re: Male Bisexual Swingers As I have said in thre of this type and echoing what others have said herethere was a time that I had tried to get into a swinger's clubI was told very clearly that as a single male--I was not open to unless invited by a couple who was married and already membersthat single males are certainly not welcome and are personas non gratanow--be a single female that is at all good lookingthey would welcome her with more than open arms!!!