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Like friendship, television srama offer relationships that span time and last if only for a few seasons. And Netflix created Netflix Party specifically for groups like you and your buds to enjoy. The service syncs up your viewing so everyone gets to the same shocking hookup or murder reveal at the same time, with a built-in chat window for you all to gasp collectively. It also might save a few friendships when one of your clique goes ahead and watches an entire season in one night while the rest of you are on episode three. Like the friends of Friends, lookig shows are there for you and your close group of friends. Let the bingewatching commence!

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Looking for a friendno drama

Lying completely about her computer knowledge, Jen does actually have plenty to offer to her two-member IT department, not that they want to hear it…or change…or face the outside world. Disguised as a fish out of water comedy, this show highlights the bond bringing together so many work friends: trying to wiggle out of increasingly ludicrous situations set up by the ridiculousness of your workplace.

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Second of all, this show has a superbly high appreciation for waffles, which I think we should all strive to emulate. A day that completely centers around ladies celebrating ladies. Can it get any better than that?

Looking for a friendno drama

Purely transactional roles like biographer, agent, or random hanger on slowly grow into real relationships over the seasons as Bojack tries grappling with his past to become, fgiendno not a better person at least a less abusive one. But the entire premise of the show alone is worth tuning into with your closest friends. And the show only touches on her tiff with first cousin once removed Elizabeth yes, the eventual queen of England.

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Those gorgeous albeit historically inaccurate clothes. Exchange Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images Wetin we call dis foto, You fit make friends for places wey you no ever expect, just no let opportunity pass you Wen you meet someone wey just click wit you, weda for wedding or gym, ask am for dia phone or address - no just feel say time dey friensno you go see am again.

Looking for a friendno drama

E fit look as if say you dey forward, but call dem di lookong day and tell dem how much you dey happy to meet dem. Suggest make una go sidon some wia to drink, stroll out, go cinema or gallery. Di friendship fit no last but at least you try to take di first step to make di pesin your best friend.

Looking for a friendno drama

Say yes Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images Wetin we call dis foto, You and your friends fit do tins wey una dey enjoy togeda If new friend wey you meet invite you for dinner or give you theatre ticket, just say yes. Sometimes frirndno fit dey somehow - like say you dey on your own out of your comfort zone - but if you no try sometin, dgama no go sabi how e be.

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If you know say you no fit come, just use respect tell your friend di truth - but make am dey clear say you like make e still invite you to sometin again in di future. No dey fear rejection Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images Wetin we call dis foto, Cows sef dey get best friends too No be everi relationship you work hard to make work go true-true work out - but if you dey worry about say dem go reject you, you no go ever get any wia.

If you suggest make you and someone new meet and dem turn you darma, no be di end of di world. Maybe friendmo no be for you. Afta all plenti odas still dey wey go like be your friend. Turn colleagues to your friends Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images Wetin we call dis foto, Sometimes you no need to search hard to find new friends Most of us dey spend more time wit our colleagues than wit our family, so e go make sense to try to make friends wit dem.