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Not many people owned their own cars and a day out on Box Hill by train was still a family outing.

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Not many people owned their own cars and a day out on Box Hill by train was still a family outing. PC Jim Allen attended the scene. I recall that he ed Surrey from his home in the north, nmubers was riding a motorcycle on duty when a car driven by a woman pulled out from a side road across his path.

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So what if anything has changed. I ed the "Constabulary" in and the same threat was in existence in those days. Most will remember those days no doubt and will have "nicked" a few of jumbers villains in their time. I think we all took pride in the work that we did and prowtitutes proud to be in "the Job". It was a fact that "villains" coming into Surrey took a big risk as they were likely to be stopped by the Traffic l prostittues the divisional "Crime Cars". There has always been "cross border" and long distance villains coming looking for rich pickings in this county, many from London and that was why the various Regional Crime Squ and Burglary Squ were formed.

The Surrey Burglary Squad used to start their working days in London. The Brighton and Southampton antique knockers. No doubt they frequented other divisions also.

Prostitutes in farnborough and their phone numbers

Details of current local crimes, the perpetrators and vehicles involved etc would be circulated at shift parades. When I was at Caterham I remember Reg bringing in the guy who shot him. He was not going to let go of him. He worked.

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It was agreed that if anything happened in our village we would have to turn out and deal with it. Reg spent the day in the car visiting each police house in turn. Reigate Police Stations: Reigate must have had more police stations over the years than anywhere else in Surrey. Before the current station We were allocated areas where we knocked on every house and asked how many men lived there and also how many men they thought lived in the adjacent ttheir.

The culprit was eventually caught running out of the back door of a house being visited. Daily Express, April 19 One hundred detectives were knocking on doors and calling at shops and factories. Whenever a man answered he was asked for his fingerprints. Nineteen days ago 74 prosttiutes old Mrs Beatrice Cox was murdered rheir her terrace house in Reading after being suffocated by pillows and stabbed.

Assistance came from five county police forces in an enquiry led by Detective Superintendent Gulver of New Scotland Yard.

Richard Bond: My memory is not as good as it should be, prostitutds I have always thought that the above murder was in Haslemere. I have a feeling that DS Barney Mosely came on duty to deal.

I think we were asked to make ourselves available as we had transport Traffic. Mervyn Saunders: I was on Traffic motorcycle patrol that Christmas Day and called in at Godalmimg police station to read the Day Book, etc and she was in the cells. The station officer told me that she had been slaving away in the kitchen preparing the Christmas dinner and her husband was watching Norman Wisdom in a variety show on TV. Norman was in great form and the husband was roaring with laughter. Pretty was stressed out with all the work she was doing and kept telling him to stop laughing.

He ignored her and she "lost it" and went in to the living room and stuck him with a carving knife.

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Norman had a lot to answer for that Christmas! Tom Yeourt told me to get him out from the block. I had never seen a Doberman in my life before and was rather disappointed because I thought he was a Boxer! However he was quite happy to let me enter the kennel but would not let me out again. I thought that this was a test and if I wanted to get on the section I prostitutfs have to get him on the lead and bring him out. Once out he tried to bite Roy Cartwright, who I have to say I was frightened of, so I had a bit of a traumatic first day.

Prostitutes in farnborough and their phone numbers

I was promoted in May and retired in May Farnborouhh remained as a civilian finally retiring in May I should write a book on Peter the Doberman as we had so many amusing incidents during our time together. In January Lambretta cc scooters were introduced to rural areas to allow officers to patrol a wider area.

Estimating the size of criminal populations | springerlink

I went on a course with Rowley Bowers and an instructor whose name escapes me. Prostituyes object of the scooters was to allow the officer thei ride to a location on his beat, park up and patrol the area. I also used mine to stop the local youths on their scooters. It was also a very good for public relations with the youngsters although Jacko as Superintendent at Guilford would not allow me to put a fox tail on the aerial!

I later graduated to a Triumph cc speed twin with windshield, leg guards and a radio on the back which altogether restricted the top speed to about 60mph. We arrested a driver at about As we were finishing, there was a commotion in the front office and we were told that a prisoner had escaped. The locals knew that prstitutes lived in a flat in a big house near the railway station.

So we arrived there behind a of Walton officers.

Prostitutes in farnborough and their phone numbers

I parked the Granada right outside the house and waited for something to happen, there was a copse on the right, opposite the house. After a few minutes I saw a man come out of the copse waving an axe, he was coming straight for my door, and looked like a wild man so Paul and I both exited the car from the nearside door, Paul is over six foot and I am not small but I swear that we went out that door together.

The man ran past us, through the open front door of the house, between other officers and up two flights of stairs and locked himself in a room at the front of the house.

Prostitutes in farnborough and their phone numbers

It all went quiet for a few minutes. There were four or five of us standing on the landing. Proxtitutes he opened the door and ran down the stairs. There was a bedroom on each side of the room he was in so we all dived into them.

I think he was captured the next day. PS John House was the observer for Farnham. Whilst loading loot on Ash Ranges to take to a local e hteir were disturbed by police and made off. They stole a car in Aldershot and abandoned it in Baughurst stealing another before breaking into a garage in Chicklade, Wiltshire.

They drove to Torquay farnborkugh they stole another car leaving it at Cullompton from where another car was taken, changing the plates driving to Llangattock where they were stopped by a police motorcyclist. Fred threw the motor cycle in the hedge and the policeman after it. The vehicle was driven off and abandoned in Staunton on Wye in Herefordshire stealing another which was abandoned back in Farnborough returning to Ash. They slept rough in an outhouse at Gold Farm owned by Green's mother.

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The arrest of Fred Stevens in ; note the Army pilot using the dog van radio. A raid was mounted on the farm supported by the Army Air Corps. Green was arrested without trouble, but Fred and Horace ran off swimming the Basingstoke canal. It must be remembered that these men were very big and very strong.

They were cornered in a field of Shawfield Road by a of police dogs and after a very violent struggle they were arrested. Fred was sentenced to seven years, Horace, five years and Green five years. The local sergeant Lionel Attwood was involved with the arrests. Traffic cars had been fitted with simple diagonal belts before this. These early belts were not user friendly having no inertia reel device.

The arrest of a burglar was unusual and turned out to be something of a coup. We would walk through the train and speak with anyone who looked out of place or who we were unhappy with. During one such walk through PC Peter Harrison and I spoke with a man sitting in a carriage on his own and looking most unlike an early morning commuter. After a brief few questions he was searched and we found a of expensive Dunhill lighters, which he had stolen after a smash and grab during the night from Wakefield's Jewellers in Horsham.

The suspect was arrested and in his possession was found a silver matchbox cover with an inscription engraved on it. This was eventually traced to having been stolen during a burglary at the home of a peer of the realm who lived in a large house at exclusive Sunningdale.

4dorset february by mags4dorset - issuu

This man had committed a large of burglaries at high-class properties in the Wentworth, Sunningdale areas, and as a result there were large s of officers keeping observation for over tarnborough lengthy period in very cold conditions to try and find the person responsible. The owner of the property disturbed the burglar whilst committing the burglary and during a scuffle, he stabbed the Lord.

Probably resulted in some green ink from the chief! Numbbers Buss: With other officers Thelr kept observations at Egham for four nights 27th Jan - 30th Jan on Wentworth golf club because of burglaries in the Wentworth estate. It was freezing cold at the time and I can remember sitting in the blue van with icicles forming from the condensation on the roof.

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Police are trying to trace a Morris Traveller missing from the house. My memory of the circumstances was that it turned out to be a case of a male prostitute being picked up in Brighton by the victim, being taken home to not so sunny Hookwood and never actually, as they say, making it through the night. I was at that stage in my service given the franborough of standing at a front gate which was about all I was capable of. I seem to recall the house had been set on fire.

I believe some of the silverware stolen pdostitutes the house was recovered from antiques shops in Brighton. Colin Skilton: The Hookwood murder was at the house on the edge of the roundabout just along from the car garage. I was sent to a house fire where the Brigade was having a great time with their axes pulling down the ceilings to get the hoses in.

A man's body was covered up on the front lawn. fsrnborough

Prostitutes in farnborough and their phone numbers

He was a retired naval officer. His wife had gone away for a few days, so he went out for the evening and brought a man named Imre Gathy home for the night.

After killing the house owner for whatever reason, he left the scene and went home to Brighton.