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Toxic metal, leached from e-cigarette coil, permanently scars woman's lung The illness is usually only seen in industrial metal workers.

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European Respiratory Society "It has a distinctive and unusual appearance that is not observed in other diseases," said case report co-author Dr. What she did have was the ZenPen brand vape pen she'd been using for six months prior to getting sick. ZenPens do not come with pre-filled cartridges, so users must purchase their e-liquid elsewhere. When the doctors tested the e-liquid left in the device, they found several metals: nickel, aluminum, manganese, lead, cobalt and chromium.

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He'd treated a similar case in a mill worker several years before. Jones and his co-authors hypothesize that the metals found in the e-liquid leached from the heating coil in the vape pen. Vaping marijuana raises the risk of this leaching, because the devices must be heated to much higher temperatures to aerosolize THC than to aerosolize nicotine. research ggirl shown that a greater amount of toxic substances are released as the voltage needed to heat vape devices increases. The authors said their case report illustrates an urgent need for regulation of vaping devices.

The California woman's lung damage is likely permanent, her doctors said, although her lung function may improve.

Still looking for my metal girl

The case report adds to the growing evidence that vaping can damage the lungs in a variety of ways. Early on, you had props and blood and stuff. Do you still feel like you've got to be that guy on stage? Not so much now.

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I think people are more into maintaining a recorded value. They want to hear it as close to the record as possible. As far as throwing guts and doing all that crap, once in a while, will I break out some stuff like that? Yeah, absolutely.

Deicide’s glen benton talks biking in tampa, writing about satan, aging in death metal and more

It's just for fun. But I think ym at this point it's more about the music for me. Are you still personally driven to write about Satanism and Christianity? Or is it just a matter of, that's what Deicide is and always will be?

Honestly, I have tried to write about other things. I really have, man. And you know what? I actually have one song on the new album where I got there. I was like, "Hey you guys, you want to read through these lyrics, and then read the other ones? I had given myself writer's block trying to go back and forth between the two. I just can't. If I fight it and try to push it in a certain direction other than where it wants to go, I just get writer's block.

Do you still identify as Satanist?

The never-ending debate over women in metal and hard rock

I've always said this: They identify me as a Satanist. I identify myself as a free thinker and a kid that was tormented just like everybody else growing up. My mother did a foor as a Sunday school teacher. Fof father was so-called Catholic; I don't know what he was. And my mother was Lutheran. My grandma was into the whole Latin thing — when she went to church, you couldn't understand it. There pooking no English spoken. I was a little. That knd of stuff creeped the s— out of me.

I had a lot of terrifying moments as with that s—. Growing up, people would call me an evil bastard. They referred to me as Damien from The Omen. It's really odd, whenever I go places.

Suffering unseen: the dark truth behind wildlife tourism

I played Fr a couple of times, and a couple of days after playing there, there was always an earthquake. When we played South America this last tour, we were trying to get out of there, and we had a hurricane coming down on us from one direction, and as soon as we got out of there, they have a huge earthquake. It's weird seeing gril like that shooting in Clearwater, that Stand Your Ground shooting.

Still looking for my metal girl

Dude, that store is directly across the street from the old Deicide house that my grandmother used to own. Directly across the street from the store, next to Coles Gun Shop. That's where Deicide started, was at that house. We used to rehearse in that garage. Here's mteal weird thing: The day before that shooting, I took my girl down there.

I said, "Let me show you where the old house is. Every time I go anywhere, something really stupid happens. I used to call it the Deicide black cloud, but now I'm forr to think there might be something to it.

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That's kind of been my life. There's still a great deal of power within the religious right, but it's not a time of Satanic panic. Do you feel like culturally, you guys are viewed differently than you were in the early '90s? I'm not sure how people view us. But this is how I've always been. I'm an artist. When I say God or Christianity or Jesus, whatever you want to refer to it, I mean all your Jesuses, all your gods, all your so-called prophets, all religions.

All of it. I'm not picking on one. I'm picking on all of it, okay? People can interpret it the way they want to interpret it, towards their god or whatever. Christianity, man, they defined me early on as a Satanist. They come to the shows with their picket s. They labeled me and generalized me, so I generalize it all back. It's all a business. Just like they make money off of God, I make money off of them. Are you politically agnostic?

Do you come down on either side of the left-right divide of our time? I just try to stay out of it, politically. I stay out of everything. I'm an artist, and I paint a painting.

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Every painting's different. A lot of stuff I pull from my own personal anguish and torment.

I write from my soul. I write for me. I just try to put words to it that somebody may have thought of themselves at one time or another. There's one song on the new album I wanted to ask you about. It sounds like there's some backwards chanting on Compliments of Christ. Am I hearing that right? What are you saying?

You gotta play it backwards, man.