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Apparently not.

There are people out there—grubby people—who step out of the house in search of indiscriminate sex without showering first. If you've been fantasizing about specific scenarios, you're bound to be disappointed.

Photographing and then sharing a scene—even if it's one you are involved with—is not OK. Unless you get unequivocal consent, then back off. Be Friendly and courteous.

You will find that you make friends with way more couples by simply smiling, saying hello and engaging in conversations. This is mostly due to lack of communication.

It happens. This however does not mean you get to ruin the night of everyone else by arguing or fighting where everyone else can see or hear you. Take your drama home, or to the car. R espect your partner's boundaries.

No matter how excited you are about your sexcapade together, remember that everyone involved is a human being. Let finding out what they like and don't like be an exciting part of the process. A hard no is a hard no.

No, if's and's or butt's about it. Leave your drama at the door. Swinging is an escape from the everyday.

That's what makes it so exciting. The club has these rules in place so everyone will feel secure and to ensure the best experience possible for those in attendance. To much of a good thing can really get in the way of a successful sexual encounter.