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All the information you need to take your education to the next level.

Not sure if uni or college is for you? Find out what else you can do. Please note, you can only apply once in a cycle. If you've applied in cycles and want to apply again, you'll have to submit a new application.

The process is slightly different — find out how to fill in your application. Looking to start studying in ?

Register in Applyour application. When completing your application — make sure you first name and middle name s exactly as they're stated on official documents, such as your passport, birth certificate, or driving licence. If you only have one name, enter it in both the first name and last name fields on the application. Some of these will be substituted with UK equivalent characters.

This helps unis and colleges to understand if you meet their entry requirements. However, sometimes a uni or college will make you an offer even if you don't meet the exact grades they're asking for.

It's really important you enter the right qualifications on your application — especially if you're taking a vocational qualification, such as a BTEC — as there are a of different options to choose from in the application, depending on the size and type of qualification you're taking.

If you're not sure which version of a qualification you're taking, talk to your school or college, or for advice. If you can't find your school exam certificates, contact the school or local authority, but if you have no luck, contact the course providers you're applying to and discuss your options. You may be able to get replacement certificates from the relevant exam board.

If you're unsure it's best to speak to your Access course provider to check. Then fill in the details as follows:. Enter either the date your qualification was awarded, or the date you expect to receive your.

Access to HE qualifications are now divided into units, rather than modules. How many units you need to enter depends on the type of Access qualification you are taking or have achieved. If your qualification is the Access to HE Diploma onwardsit's compulsory to add at least one of the units — there's space for 20 units so please add all of them, if possible.

If you achieved a Diploma before the introduction of the new specification in Septemberyou may have achieved more than 20 units, so please contact your chosen universities and colleges for guidance on how to send additional unit details to them directly. If you completed your Access qualification beforeyour chosen universities and colleges may still need details of your units — either all of them or particular ones — so it's always best to check directly with the university or college.

If you've had any paid jobs — full-time or part-time — here's where you can enter details for up to five of them. You can choose up to five courses all now or some later. For these subjects you can only apply to a maximum of four courses in any one of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or veterinary science. There are exceptions though — if you'll be a graduate at the start of the course, and you're applying for graduate medicine course code A at the University of Cambridge, you could then also apply to medicine course code A at Cambridge, as well as graduate medicine course code A at the Top still needed i cant find one of Oxford.

Top still needed i cant find one applicants will need to complete an additional application form to apply — visit the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge websites for more information. They may not be offering the course the following year, may be changing it, or prefer students not to have a gap in study before they start their degree. Find out more about deferred entry. As you would with any important piece of work read and re-read and preview it before you mark this section as complete. A reference is a written recommendation from a teacher, adviser or professional who knows you academically.

Everyone needs a reference, unless you get permission from your chosen universities and colleges. You must have a completed reference on your application before it is sent to us. Trouble paying for your application? We've put together a handy guide to help youwhich is available in English and Welsh. They will let you know whether and when you should pay them, so they can pay us. They will then send your application to us on your behalf.

If you're applying from prison, as well as an academic reference, you also need a statement from the prison authorities — saying you're suitable and available for the start date. Please speak to your school or college first if you have difficulty in affording the application fee. You could also contact your chosen university or college s directly as they may also have schemes to pay for application fees in some circumstances. UCAS is a charity. The cost of running the undergraduate admissions service is paid for by the application fees students pay and the fees universities and colleges pay when students are accepted.

The profits from our wholly-owned commercial subsidiary, UCAS Media Ltd, help us to keep investing in improving the service for the next generation of students. We work hard to keep our costs down, and believe the application fee represents good value for money. Your place to discover your options and research your future.

Yes No. Skip. Find out your options and start planning your next steps Explore subjects and careers.

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Filling in your ucas undergraduate application

How to write a CV. Employment Understanding employment contracts Your first payslip. Search Search field:. Popular subjects Medicine Law Psychology. You make your application online. Here are the top things admissions teams will look for when reviewing your application: qualifications content of written personal statement displaying passion for the subject area, while demonstrating motivation, enthusiasm, and the skills and experiences that will enable you to succeed at university content of reference knowledge of, and commitment to, the subject discipline good attitude to learning and personal development ability to articulate yourself fluently and accurately in writing — it is a of what's to come for tutors.

What do admissions staff look for in an application? University admissions staff talk about the top things they look for in an application. These must all be complete before your application can be sent. There are questions specifically for UK students — these are about your ethnic origin, national identity, and occupational background. These are mandatory questions used for monitoring purposes. This information will only be shared with universities and colleges after you have secured a place and will not influence any decision regarding your application.

While this information is optional, it can help universities and colleges better understand your background, and provide support. This will link your application to your school or college, so they can track your progress and provide support, including adding your reference. We ask how you plan to fund your studies — but we do not manage student finance applications.

Find out more about funding and finance. You can give a parent, guardian, or adviser nominated access — if you'd like them to be able to speak to us on your behalf. We'll be able to discuss your application with them, but for security reasons, we can't share your details for example, if you need to change your password. If you're waiting forthese are the exam we're able to process and forward on to unis and colleges. If you studied at a uni or college but didn't finish the courseyou still need to enter these details. Include the start and finish date, and state that you didn't receive any qualifications there.

If you are currently studying for a qualification or awaitingit is important you make sure your referee adds your predicted grades to your application — some universities and colleges will not consider your application without them. Make sure you add as much detail as possible — including grades and .