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Boris Shcherbina : It's a simple question. Valery Legasov : It's hardly a simple answer.

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Boris Shcherbina : It's a simple question. Valery Legasov : It's hardly a simple answer. Boris Shcherbina : Of course, you p I'm too stupid to understand. So I'll restate: Tell me how a nuclear reactor works, or I'll have one of these soldiers throw you out of the helicopter.

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The steam turns a turbine which generates electricity. Where a typical power plant makes steam by burning coal, a nuclear plant In a nuclear plant, we use something called fission. A neutron is, uh Boris Shcherbina : The bullet. Valery Legasov : Yes, the bullet.

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So, bullets are flying off of the uranium. The force of this impact splits that atom apart, releasing a tremendous amount of energy, fission. Boris Shcherbina : And the tornoto Valery Legasov : Ah, yes. The neutrons are actually traveling so fast - we call this "flux"- it's relatively unlikely that the uranium atoms will ever hit one another.

In RBMK reactors, we surround the fuel rods with graphite to moderate, slow down, the neutron flux.

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Boris Shcherbina : Good. I know how a nuclear reactor works. Now I don't need you. Every atom of U is like a bullet, traveling at nearly the speed of light, penetrating everything in its path: woods, metal, concrete, flesh.

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Every gram of U holds over a billion trillion of these bullets. That's in one gram. Now, Chernobyl holds over three million grams, and right now, it is on fire. Winds will carry radioactive particles across the entire continent, rain will bring them down on us.

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That's three million billion trillion bullets in the Most of these bullets will not stop firing for years. Some of them, not for 50, years. Michail Gorbatchev : Yes, and, uh, this concern stems entirely from the description of a rock? Valery Legasov : Yes.

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Plant Galery : Why are reactors 1 and 2 still operating at all? My friend was a security guard that night, and, uh, she's now dying. And we've all heard about the firemen. And now you want us to swim underneath a burning reactor? Do you even know how contaminated it is?

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Valery Legasov : I I don't have an exact. Plant Employee : You don't need an exact to know if it'll ewcort us. But you can't even tell us that. Why should we do this, for what, rubles? Boris Shcherbina : You'll do it because it must be done.

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You'll do it because nobody else can. And if you don't, millions will die. If you tell me that's not enough, I won't believe you. This is what has always set our people apart. A valsry years of sacrifice in our veins. And every generation must know its own suffering. I spit on the people who did this, and I curse the price I have to pay.

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But I'm making my peace with it, now you make yours. And go into that water. Because it must be done.